Chain: The Lost Footprints
Character Profiles

The profile text is taken from the on-disc manual and all copyrights go to ZYX and G-Collections.

Takeshi Shinonome - Main Character

Private investigator. Started 'Shinonome Investigations' a few years ago after his teacher died. He is known as a very skilled investigator. He uses matches to light his cigarettes.

Hitomi Makabe

Takeshi's assistant. She supports Takeshi in numerous areas. She is attracted to him.

(Webmistress's Note: You sometimes control Hitomi during the game.)

Ayumu Igarashi

She happens to meet Takeshi one night in the city. She loves her sister, and her father is a Senator. She tries to be bright in front of people.

Akira Kusakabe

She is the daughter of Takeshi's teacher. She's a detective. Akira is also Takeshi's drinking companion, as well as being a valuable source of information for him.