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Character Profiles
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Character descriptions are from the game manual, copyright Himeya Soft. Pictures are from the game directly, also copyright Himeya Soft. Click on any picture for the full-size version in a new window.

Kojiroh Amagi

The main character of "Kojiroh's Scenario". He used to be the ace at Katsuragi Private Detective Offices, and is the ex-lover of Yayoi, the Chief's daughter. During one case, he ends up causing the Chief's arrest, and resigns from the office. He sets up a little office by the warehouses near the bay, but gets few clients - mostly petty jobs. His skills, however, have not deteriorated.

Marina Hojo

The main character of "Marina's Scenario". A brilliant (troublemaker?) international agent. Even though she boasts a 99% mission completion, she is alienated by some officials because she wreaks havoc wherever she goes. She was serving abroad for a while, but has returned to Japan after a long absence. She has been long-time best friends with Yayoi from Katsuragi Private Detective Offices, but is yet to meet Kojiroh.

Yayoi Katsuragi

Kojiroh's work led to her father's (the Chief's) arrest. Since she used to be Kojiroh's lover, she despises him all the more. She is the current Chief of Katsuragi Private Detective Offices, and the sole force running the office ever since they lost clientele following the ex-Chief's arrest.

Kanomi Shibata

A self-proclaimed journalist. She is always snooping around Kojiroh for a big scoop. As Kojiroh describes her, a "media hound".

Mayako Mido

The daughter of Eldian Ambassador Ross Mido, whom Marina has to protect. She is under the threat of terrorism due to complicated political woes in Eldia. She is a calm, dependable type, but keeps a sensitive side as well.

Kyoko Himura

A student at Yale International School, where Marina goes undercover. Marina bumps into her everywhere at school. She thinks Marina is suspicious.


She is rescued by Kojiroh when some punks try harassing her. She becomes very close to him ever since. She is a foreigner but fluent in Japanese. She sure looks like she's keeping a secret...

Natasha McLean

A Lecturer at Yale International School...Not much else is known, except the fact that she has giant tits. And she doesn't appreciate that being pointed out to her at all.

Chief Kano

Marina's boss. Self-proclaimed middle-aged dandy. A rarely flexible guy amongst a serious organization, and always stands behind trouble-prone Marina. He pulled for Marina's return from abroad.

Genzaburo Suzuki

A mysterious man Marina encounters during her flight back home. He introduces himself as an insurance agent, but something about him says he is not to be trusted. Marina seems to feel bit of a mutual attraction.

Additional Characters
Director Kagawa


Detective Nikkaido


Bitchy Waitress