The Maid's Story Character Profiles

Here are some brief profiles of the characters in The Maid's Story. The first five profiles are quoted directly from the instruction manual (Copyright C's Ware Himeya Soft).

Hitomi Matsumoto
Height: 157 cm Age: 18 Blood type: A B80/W59/H82

Because she dreams to become a maid, she came to this institute right after graduating from High School. She is a girl who has "Courage" and "Hope" and will face any problem. She works hard, but only because she fails a lot and is yelled at a lot. But it seems that she doesn't mind. Even though she is a fresh, high-school graduate, sometimes her attitude is like an old woman. A virgin.


Sanae Yuki
Height: 150 cm Age: 18 Blood type: B B72/W60/H75

She came here because she wants to become a better bride. Her pride is high and because she is small, she hates when people say she is a kid. But unlike her looks, she is well established and aggressive. She likes to tease people, and has targeted Hitomi because she fails a lot. She only has had a sexual experience once. Because it wasn't a good experience, she dislikes it.


Azusa Kobayakawa
Height: 165 cm Age: 18 Blood type: AB B87/W59/H87

Unlike the other 2 girls, she feels more like an adult.Because of her complex family background, she ran away from home and came to this institute. Because of that, she is not really into this maid training. She doesn't show her real feelings and doesn't talk, and you don't know what she is thinking. Maybe if you open your heart to her, she will be just like any other sweet, innocent girl. Not a virgin.


Itsuki Mizushima
Height: 165 cm Age: 25 Blood type: O B92/W59/H87

Player's ex. They were separated because of her way of spending money.Even now, she comes to the player for money. She knows well how to use her body as a "weapon". It seems that she still has feelings towards the player and she is jealous of the maids because the player cares about them. She is a bit of a sadist.


Alice Tachibana
Height: 162 cm Age: 27 Blood type: A B88/W58/H85

Player's secretary and observer. She always takes care of things thoughtfully and reports thinfs with not much feeling, but that's only her appearance when she is at work. In reality, she is really a hot woman.

Game's instructor.


Hirai, Kobayakawa, Yoshi, and The Trader

These are the various visitors you will receive at the mansion as time goes on.