The Maid's Story Review

Contributed by Ekylo

The Maid's Story

Synopsis: At first facing a period of unemployment, you are given a chance to work as a ‘maid trainer’. Though you’ve never done it before, it’s steady employment for 3 months. You soon arrive and begin teaching 3 lovely ladies on how to be the “perfect maid”.

Review: The Maid’s Story is a fun and intriguing training simulation. Through the day, you have to balance the training of the individual maid’s skills, the maintenance of the house and the odd visit from the vendors with merchandise for sale. The nights are filled with “other” training session, with you and the maid-trainee one on one. (You’re an adult, you can figure it out.) And of course there’s the occasional guest who stops by as well and they will also require services.

The game play is complex. Each day you assign the trainees various tasks to improve their individual skill levels as well as maintain the house. You can easily tell which chores need to be done because of little touches like increased amounts of cobwebs or piles of garbage. Each girl has their strong and weak points and reacts differently to praise or scolding. That, along with some great voice acting, helps to bring each individual girl to life.

The night lessons aspect is also a bit complex. Properly romancing the trainees will make them more receptive to these types of lessons, but the lessons themselves can be stressful for the girls and cause them to become sick quickly. Also, some of the lessons do require devices that you can only get during one of the visits from the merchant. I did find that the night lessons were the least interesting part of the game for myself, and that wasn’t because the original mosaics were maintained. Unlike the day activities, there’s a specific set of lessons per girl and some of the lessons just made me wonder as to whom I’m training the girls to eventually work for.

Overall, the Maid’s story is a fun game with good replay value. Nice graphics, good voices, and the complex interaction between the various activities will have you totally involved in no time at all. Though some may feel that the original mosaic artwork may detract from the game, I thought the game would have been just as much fun without the night lessons and it shouldn’t affect anyone’s decision to get this game.