June 30th, 2015 I've actually received an email or two asking me to come back! It's pretty amazing, and I'm very grateful. Keep 'em coming, people. I'm hardly expecting a flood, considering how long this site has been stagnant, but every little bit helps.

I'm messing around a bit with editing existing pages, like the Webmistress page. Nothing too strenuous until I make a final decision. I am also contemplating adding a forum to give people a chance to chatter if they so wish. Every good website needs a forum!

June 4th, 2015 So what has it been... six, seven years? I all but forgot about this website until I received an email the other day asking if I ever intended to do anything with it again. I'd left it up and running, just so it could continue to help the random person who came by (even if it's now terribly, horribly out of date and old).

I'm still an avid bishoujo fan, and still play these wonderful games an awful lot (currently working on Fruit of Grisaia just released by Sekai Project), though I've also found some wonderful Korean bishounen games I love as well (hooray for Dandelion and Nameless by Cheritz). So since I'm still a fan, and this site is still here? I'm considering picking it up again and starting to bring it up to date with newer releases.

So I'm wondering if you happen to see this site, and would be interested in seeing it come back and start covering newer games? Let me know! Email me at the link down below (Webmistress), and show your support. If enough people want me to come back, then I'll see about doing so! After all, it will be a lot of work to bring this site up to snuff, and no need to do that if no one cares, lol.

October 25th, 2008 - I swear I will eventually get to updating. Eventually. Maybe. Life sucks. Does anyone even come to this page anymore?

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