Miscellaneous Bishoujo Games

Not all english bishoujo games will get a full section on this website; there are just too many. But all deserve some form of recognition. Therefore, this section is dedicated to all those bishoujo games that I do not plan to cover in full sections. Here you can find reviews and guides that people submit to me for games not covered elsewhere on this site. Keep an eye out; this section will be constantly updated as I get more submissions. Enjoy!

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Pick Me Honey! by G-Collections
Which of five beautiful and willing women will you pick for your bride?

Pick Me Honey! Review by the Webmistress LadyPhoenix

Secret Wives' Club (Hitozuma Hime Club) by Sekilala
Can you satisfy the desires of three unhappily-married women?

Secret Wives' Club Review by Unicorn

Sensei 2 by DO
A man explores the darker side of hatred when his troubled past finds him.

Sensei 2 Review by Unicorn

Three Sisters' Story by JastUSA
Can love overcome the need for revenge? The first big english-translated bishoujo title.

Three Sisters' Story Review by Unicorn

Transfer Student by Jast USA
Multi-ending love simulation about school days and a boy's fantasies coming true.

Transfer Student Review by Unicorn

True Love by Jast USA
A love simulation about a young man trying to find true love in the summer. A beloved cult favorite! Note: This title is Out Of Print and hard to find.

True Love Review by Headless Horseman

Tsuki: Possession by ZyX and G-Collections
A darker title about a young man's struggle to control his inner demons and his new-found need to 'possess' women.

Tsuki Review by Unicorn
Tsuki Review by BigDog

Viper Limited by Hobibox
A compilation of Viper series collections, plus a shooter-game for Viper fans.

Viper Limited Review by Unicorn

Viper M1 by Hobibox
Three different animated stories for you to explore.

Viper M1 Review by Unicorn

Viper Paradice by Hobibox
A puzzle game based on the Viper series characters.

Viper Paradice Review by Unicorn

Viper V16 by Hobibox
Two more stories for you to play in the "Hyper Animation" series.

Viper V16 Review by Unicorn

Water Closet by Peach Princess and Will Guilty
A bizarre and comical bathroom fetish game with multi-sight and multi-scenarios.

Water Closet Review by Unicorn
Water Closet Mini-Review by Ksarchet

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