Snow Drop Review

Contributed by Mike Thomas
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Snow Drop

Overview: Ah, winter vaction. What a time to go skiing with friends, and spend some time on the slopes. But why do you feel like you've been to this place before. And why does the inn-worker Shizuka seem so familiar to you. And, why does she act so oddly around you.

Review: Ever wanted to be part of a fairy tale? To be the knight in shinning armor, or the princess? Well, now you can. Snow Drop, by Crowd, and ported into english by Peach Princess, is an adaptation of the Japanese legend of the "Snow Maiden."

You play the part of Minoru, who goes with friends and family to a ski resort for a short vacation. While there, you meet Shizuka, who works at the inn. And... who you can't quite get out of your mind. Who is Shizuka? Why is she so enamoured with you, when this is the first time you've seen her. Isn't it? Why is your friend Kyoka so much a pragmatist? What happened to her sense of romance and adventure? This game has an awesome story. It pulls at you, it makes you laugh, cry, and hope. I can't laud enough praises on this great re-telling of such a tragic legend.

I really like the artwork by Shikage Nagi. She has a great way of drawing "the girl next door." And the way her art has a very airy, watercolor look to it adds to the fairy-tale story of the game. The way she draws the girls figures is great as well. Very well done "cheese cake" shots that just show curves and how the sun catches their hair. Very good artwork.

The music chosen fits very well with the fairy-tale adventure of the story. It has a light, joyous music during the day when your having fun; a creepy, macabre music when it's dark out at night, and odd events are happening, and a great J-pop song when you completely figure out the story. The Seiyuu also did a very good job as well. Kyoka sounds very tom-boyish, and keeps the air of her pragmatic nature; while mysterious Shizuka is timid and meek in her voice.

Now, the only disappointment that I could see other gamers having with this game is that some of the more difficult endings to get can frustrate them. Still, Peach Princess has a pretty good hint board on their website, which should give most players the nudge in the right direction they need. Also, some of the Shikaga Nagi's artwork looks... touched up. As if the translators choose to add or remove details to the game.

Extras: There is a memory room, where you can see images of events you witnessed or were part of. Liner notes that go into good detail the legend of the Snow Maiden.

Peach Princess also offers, for the big fans of the games, posters and art cards of the game at their web-site.

Overall, an excellent adaptation of the Japanese "Snow Woman" fairy tale into a romantic-drama game. If you want a game that has a fantastic storyline, and great charcters, visit Peach Princess, and pick this game up.

Story: 10
Graphics: 9
Translation: 9
Sound/Music: 8
Voice Acting: 10
Gameplay: 7
Extras: 9
Personal Slant: 9
Overall (the overall score is not an average): 9