Thousand Arms Character Profiles

These profiles are from the game manual, and are reproduced with permission. Copyright Atlus.

Meis Triumph, age 16

Hometown: Kant, a town in the countryside of Tradguld.

Personality: Very true to himself, for better or for worse. Puts 100% effort to what he believes is right. And what's right is his passion for the opposite sex.

Note: The son and heir to the Triumphs, a noble family of Spirit Blacksmiths. Very passionate, especially towards women of his type, which pretty much covers any girl that'll talk to him. Regarded by most people as an easy-going playboy, but he has a strong sense of responsibility.

Sodina Dawnfried, age 15

Hometown: Boyzby, capital of Tradguld.

Personality: A down-to-earth girl, who believes in Meis, no matter what.

Note: Honest, cheerful, and kind towards everybody. But whenever Meis shows interest in other girls, she gets a bit jealous and acts accordingly. Most likely with a slap to Meis' head.

Muza Grifford, age 21

Hometown: Schutzren, home of the fearless warriors.

Personality: His actions are motivated by his dream of becoming a hero. A big-brother figure to Meis, but gets very nervous in front of girls...

Wyna Grapple, age 17

Hometown: Langoud, the pirates' hideout.

Personality: A very straightforward and carefree girl who prefers to live her life her own way. Talks like a guy, and her combat skills are first-class. To this girl, the fight is everything.

Soushi Mahoroba, age 18

Hometown: Wano, land of the Orient.

Personality: People may mistake him for a beautiful woman, but in battle he is a cold machine programmed to defeat anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. Very gentle to women and uses his looks and frailty to influence their maternal instincts.

Kyleen Nelphe, age 16

Hometown: Sharan, the floating city of commerce.

Personality: Cheerful, active, full of curiosity. When caught between a rock and a hard place, she tends to either just run away or try to squeeze her way out of it by arguing. But somehow, people around her aren't too concerned with her personality.

Nelsha Stylus, age appears to be 12

Hometown: The ancient city of Myscatonia.

Personality: The Dress Master with a dual personality. Usually an introverted girl, but acts completely different whenever she changes her costume. When she loses her temper, she really loses her temper.

There are more characters and women, but they are not covered here because they are not playable characters. There are four 'bonus' women to date, however. Try to find them!