Tokimeki Checkin! Review

Contributed by: Nobody, Bishoujo Gamers Review Club

Tokimeki Check in!

There is a proverb, as one makes his bed, so must he lie. Sometimes people find themselves in a situation they do not desire. That does not mean that they have to stay there. They can either wallow in the mess they have made, or they can move to a better place. All they need is some direction and the willingness to work at it. Of course, there is another proverb: one should be careful what one asks for, one just might get it.

Tokimeki Check in! is a bishoujo game originally produced by CROWD, It was ported into English by Peach Princess, Takayuki Yamano is truly an underachiever. He attended the easiest, least prestigious school into which he was accepted, did not work at his studies, thereby getting poor grades, and was unable to find a job upon graduating. Due to his own laziness, he was trapped doing the very last thing he ever wanted to do, managing his family's business. The said business, the Yamano Inn, is a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn built around hot springs, and it is mostly frequented by attractive young women. Over a period of three days, the player will guide Takayuki through his work at the inn and his interaction with ten of the young ladies therein. While the game is mostly funny and vibrant, it is a comedy after all, it does offer the player a great deal of control over the actions of the protagonist. Depending on the decisions made, the game can also take on a darker, more sinister aspect. During the game, the choices the player makes will determine whether Takayuki grows into his responsibilities and becomes the true master of the inn, finding love and happiness in the process, whether he continues his vague, uneventful existence or whether he falls into degeneracy. Whatever happens, it is in the hands of the player.

In Tokimeki Check in!, events are controlled by selecting text options presented in the dialogue box. The choices to make include deciding which chore to do, where to go and responding to questions asked by others. There are a total of fifteen different endings, and, while the game is challenging, it is not frustratingly so. The game also offers the option to fast forward through the text, which is a nice feature for anyone who does not reread the same text while replaying the game. The game also comes with many of the latest features. It offers a choice of either midi or CD music, and the soundtrack fits well into the game. This title as supports full voice acting for all of the female characters. The art is both beautiful and vibrant, making good use of the capabilities of current monitors, and the characters change both their expression and their pose to reflect their moods and emotions. Also, this title has been completely uncensored, removing the mosaic censorship of the Japanese original. It should be mentioned that the game contains adult themes and content, including scenes of rape, reflecting choices made by the player. The game also has many extra features. There is a viewing room to see the images the player has found and that allows the player to listen to the music from the game.. There is also a memory room, a place where the player can relive the intimate moments in the game. Peach Princess also provided extensive linear notes for the title. This well-written commentary describes much of the symbolism and the cultural significance of events in the game.

Possessing a fun, entertaining storyline, bright, cheerful artwork and many beautiful and interesting characters to pursue, Tokimeki Check in! is both amusing and entertaining. The hilarious events and moving characters combine to create a rich and enjoyable story. Anyone who enjoys romantic comedies, a multitude of endings or freedom of choice should greatly enjoy playing this game.