Character Profiles


I have put these character profiles in my own words, with every intent of not giving away any spoilers. Click on any profile pic to see the full-size version. Notice edges of other pictures beside the full-body shots? That's because each full-body shot is only a PART of omake (bonus) pictures included on the extras disc that comes with the game. Each pic also contains, in addition to the full-body, a swimsuit full-body, any other outfit the character wears full-body, and two high-quality head-shot pics too, all in one image. But if you want the whole kaboodle, you need to buy the game!

Staff of the Yamano Inn
Takayuki Yamano
Age 21

The main character, or in other words, you. The young master of the Yamano Inn, albeit reluctantly. Personality? You decide. How will you roleplay him? As a dedicated hard worker, a total perverted scum, a man looking for love, or maybe just a bum?

Umekichi Sugida
Age ???

An older man who has worked at the inn since you were a child. You know him as Ume-san. He is helping you learn how to manage and run the Inn. He seems like a kindly old man, but does he have a secret to hide?

Ayumi Shimizu
Age 21

Ayumi is the maid at Yamano Inn. She is your childhood friend, who surprised you by coming to work at the Yamano Inn after high school. Ayumi is very shy and bashful, and seems very unsure of herself most of the time. The western-style maid's uniform she wears is a long-time trademark of your Inn.

Makoto Jinnai
Age 23

Makoto is Yamano Inn's cook. She has a gift with food. Makoto also has a temper! She is fond of threatening Takayuki with knives when he doesn't move fast enough to suit her. It's difficult to look at her as a woman, when she is constantly beating the tar out of you. But does Makoto secretly hide a more feminine side?

Guests at the Yamano Inn
Mai Sakura
Age 21

Mai is a young artist visiting your Inn in order to paint the surrounding mountains. She is very shy and ladylike, being easily embarrassed and intimidated. She is a very honourable, friendly young woman who does her best to right any wrongs she feels she may have inflicted upon others.

Nanami Ito
Age 18

The leader of the Terrible Trio. Nanami is a bubbly, energetic girl fresh out of high school, who doesn't take much of anything seriously. She loves to drink sake, have fun, and shop. She has quite a temper when she gets a mind to, but generally carries herself with an over-exuberance that can be very exhausting to be around at times.

Kumi Kawano
Age 18

One of the Terrible Trio. Kumi-chan is the least intrusive of the three. She is a happy-go-lucky, absolutely adorable girl with a good head on her shoulders, though she tends to act and dress somewhat childish. She knows exactly how to use her cuteness to her advantage as well, but never in a truly selfish way.

Natsuki Asakura
Age 18

One of the Terrible Trio. The first thought that comes to mind with Natsuki is raging BITCH! She is a brash, in-your-face girl with definite opinions that she lets you know about, whether you want to or not. But it makes you wonder: does she hide a softer side under that hard exterior?

Kyoka Akiyama
Age 24

Kyoka is an elegant beauty, born of a wealthy Japanese family. She tends to seem detached or angry at times, although she is actually rather shy. She has come to the Inn to get away from past hurts and to experience life, for she has always been rather sheltered.

Yuki Matsuno
Age 22

Yuki is a "Busty Idol"....well, she is trying to be. She arrives with a professional camera crew, intent on making a video that will rocket her to stardom. She is very energetic and flirtatious. If you are lucky, maybe she'll let you watch the filming?

Misato Amano
Age 21

Misato is a beautiful, long-haired woman with an attitude. She arrives with Keiko, and exerts an aura of being in control of the relationship. She is very determined to have her way and to be on top at all times. What exactly is these two's relationship?

Keiko Takaya
Age 21

Keiko is Misato's accompaniment to the Yamano Inn. She balances Misato's overbearing personality with a more laid-back attitude and demeanor. She seems to always be correcting Misato, or reminding her not to be rude. Once again, what exactly is their relationship?