True Love Review

Contributed by Headless Horseman

True Love

True Love is a game that digs deep into what love really This game is much more than sex and H-scenes. This game actually causes your horny mind to think. When I first played this game, I was looking for some quick tantalizing pictures. Yes, the pictures were very good, but the story and music were much better, in my opinion. This game was not written overnight; there were months of thought put into the dialogue, the character's attitudes, and their personalities.

The game starts out with the main character writing in his journal about a few months he had while in college. This college is infested with hot women and anyone worth wanting you can have, need to work at it. Yes, like in real life, it takes time and energy. You basically have 6 attributes you must work at or keep down. They are Passion, Fashion, Education, Strength, Fatigue, and Art Learning. There is also the problem of money, which keeps your women happy and loving you. You must work for money in this game; itís not just given to you.

Everyday you get a list of three things you can do during the day. Each thing you can do affects your attributes, and each girl you choose from follows one or two of those attributes. If you have high Strength, you get the girl who enjoys sports, for example. So your best bet is to try and shoot for as many girls as you can bang in one game, because then things get very entertaining, since decisions you make in this game affect other girls you are trying to get. Some very uneasy confrontations can occur.

Each game you play has random events on random days, so some girls may not even be accessible due to an event you missed. You didnít get off your lazy butt and go outside for some pleasure, since you were too busy studying Calculus to win the girl of your dreams. This game has replay value! It took me a few tries get all the CG, and entertaining stories of the girls you meet in this game because of those interesting random events. It even took me a few tries to complete every possible story and event, and I used a walkthrough because it would have taken me a very long time from what I have read. This game does not take a measly hour, but several hours, if you bother to read the dialogue. Although, you can just hold down enter and ruin the game for yourself. Oh yes, there are secrets in the game also, which will keep you searching.

After playing this game, I was grateful, it actually did make me think. I thought about my own love life, and how this game truly captures this. I can relate to many incidences in this game and actually have a good time when thinking about it. I recommend this game to anyone who reads this, or is interested. Why would I take the time to write a review if it was not good. Would you? Well this is a Positive Review. I canít wait to see a negative one. If anyone bothers to post, I will be sure to read it.