ADAM: The Double Factor
By JastUSA and Himeya Soft

The following is a direct quote from the back of the box of ADAM: The Double Factor. Copyright Himeya Soft.

Marina and Kojiroh have returned!

Multi-Sight System - The unique technique of using 2 players' perspective to help each other out and solve problems is what the Multi-Sight System is all about. In Adam, you can expect more exciting and improved scenes and story.

Touchable View: It is a system in which you interect withcharacters and items by just highlighting the mouse cursor over the object you wish to manipulate.

Lucid Motion 2: Best optimization of your computer specifications to give you the best quality of animation possible!

Kojiroh's Scenario- A woman, who introduces herself as the President's Secretary, appeared in Kojiroh's office as a client. The woman's request was to have Kojiroh as her boss's bodyguard, whose life is in danger. Kojiroh took the case and went to meet President Ando... And the daughters Mika and Miki. Kojiroh asks Ando why his life is in danger, but Ando refuses to answer... Kojiroh has been dragged into the problem without knowing the reason.

Marina's Scenario- Marina, who has been reinstated with the Cabinet of Investigation, took the case of investigating the successive murders in Japan by Chief Kono's request. As the investigation goes along, Marina finds a sole survivor, who is the daughter of one of the victims, and went to see her. Her name is Yuka. Throughout Marina's investigations, the time to decide to help Yuka or not to will come... All the while serving to protect Yuka...

End quote

System Requirements:

English Windows 95/98 Pentium 100 or better (166mhz or better recommended)
32 megs of RAM (64 or more recommended)
4x CD-ROM or better(8x or better recommended)
Monitor capable of 32,000 colors at 640x480 resolution (full color recommended)
Windows Compatible sound card and mouse
Directx 3.0 or later

Comes With:

2 Game Discs, Manual (on Disc), Omake(bonus) Pictures (on Disc)