Brave Soul Downloads

All downloads on this page are used WITH PERMISSION. If you experience problems downloading by a direct mouse click, please right-click and "Save Target As..." .

Brave Soul Playable Demo
File Size: 7.8 Megs
Special Note: Double-click file after downloading to install. As the demo is originally in Japanese, the text in this demo (installation included) will appear as Japanese characters or gibberish, depending on your system's capabilities. This is NOT a problem with the demo. It is also very easy to tell which button does what. The LEFT button okay's the installation on the install box. Please DO NOT email me about this demo. I am offering it as I received it, and it worked fine for me. I'm not tech help :). Thanks, and enjoy!

Brave Soul Demo Movie
File Size: 16.6 Megs
You will need the Bink Movie Player to play this movie.