Critical Point Character Profiles

These profiles are from the game manual, and are reproduced with permission. Copyright Peach Princess.

Captain Leiji Osumi

You are Free Alliance Space Force Captain Leiji Osumi, a Special Investigator assigned by Military Intelligence to resolve the suspected sabotage taking place on Moon Base D-02. Your cover is "Technical Consultant". You have been given limitless command authority over Elise Triad to assist you with your assignment. You previously flew as a fighter pilot, but were shot down and subsequently tortured by an old first generation android. Because of your traumas, you are not at all comfortable with the need to work closely with Elise Triad---she might be a third generation android, but you still view her as nothing but a robot. As you wrestle with your own conflicting emotions, you must struggle to remain focused on the task at hand - one wrong judgement could not only endanger your comrades, but also result in your death... and the death of millions back on Earth!

Corporal Reiko Shinozuka

Due to her clumsiness and lack of communication skills, Reiko's extraordinary genius at working with computers has been overlooked by everyone. She takes an immediate liking to you due to your common Japanese ancestry.

Lt. Colonel Carla Benedict

Commander of the Moon Base, and a former military commando. Commander Benedict keeps her military background a secret, as well as her former marriage and divorce. She does not know your true identity, as even the base commander is not above suspicion.

2nd Lieutenant Elise Triad

An engineering support specialist and top-secret prototype military android, Elise's skills are invaluable to your investigation. You see her as nothing but a mechanical doll, despite her very human qualities. Only you and Commander Benedict know Elise's true nature.

Captain Lai Wong

Head of Engineering. Next in command after Commander Benedict, Captain Lai Wong is extremely haughty and proud of her Chinese heritage. She has a superiority complex and hates being overshadowed by anyone for any reason.

Lieutenant Maretta Dias

An engineering technical specialist. Maretta is Lai Wong's right-hand girl. She is quite competent, despite her innocuously pretty looks. She makes sure that Lai Wong's orders are followed to the letter and without question.

Monica Brown

A reporter who works for a major broadcast network, and is at the base to do a story. She has a dual personality, depending on whether or not she is wearing her goggles. Goggles on, she is crude and lewd. Goggles off, she is the opposite.

2nd Lieutenant Julietta Thorndike

Commando Squad Leader. Julietta was trained by Sgt. Kaminski at the academy (see below). She is physically competent and keeps the commando squad on the base in top shape. However, she isn't too adept with technical matters.

Sergeant Jackie Kaminski

Sgt. Kaminski is the top Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), and he respects brute force over anything else. He was Julietta's drill sergeant at the academy, and she often relies on his judgement... even though she is technically his superior.