The Maid's Story
By JastUSA and C's Ware


Following is quoted from the back of the box. Copyright C's Ware.

Train Me To Be The Perfect Maid

Cleaning, washing, shopping...a whole lot of training and hard work is ahead. But not only is that all the fun...see what kind of fun can happen at night! Your training and decision-making will decide the future of these 3 young maids, and what kind of ending awaits you! How will you raise these 3 beautiful maids?

C's ware Blitz's new and first release, and C's Ware's first adult, RPG-like simulation game!

End quote

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 95/98 (to play in XP, play in 95 Compatibility mode)
i486SX-33mhz (recommended Pentium)
16MB RAM, Over 10MB Free HD Space
Double-speed CD-Rom

Comes With:

Game Disc, Manual