Miscellaneous Bishoujo Games

Not all english bishoujo games will get a full section on this website; there are just too many. But all deserve some form of recognition. Therefore, this section is dedicated to all those bishoujo games that I do not plan to cover in full sections. Here you can find reviews and guides that people submit to me for games not covered elsewhere on this site. Keep an eye out; this section will be constantly updated as I get more submissions. Enjoy!

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Amy's Fantasies by Himeya Soft
A rather bizarre and funny look into the sexual fantasies and stories in Amy's world.

Amy's Fantasies Review by Unicorn

DOR by D.O.
Do you dare open the door the Devil offers to you?

DOR Review by Unicorn

GinIro - The Color Silver by NekoNeko
A multi-scenario dramatic adventure game with a deep, moving, and often sad story.

Gin-Iro Review by Unicorn

Gloria by Himeya Soft
You are hired to tutor a daughter of the wealthy Gloria family. What mysteries await you?

Gloria Review by Unicorn

Hitomi My Stepsister by G-Collections
You find yourself attracted to your new stepsister. How far can you go before she breaks?

Hitomi Review by the Webmistress, LadyPhoenix

Kango Shicyauzo by Trabulance and G-Collections
A light-hearted game following the story of a new teacher at a nursing school. Want to get nursed?

Kango Shicyauzo Review by Unicorn

Kotobuki! by Himeya Soft
An erotic arcade/puzzle game with a mystery.

Kotobuki! Review by Unicorn

Love Love Show! by Hobibox
Come and play Love Love Show! Unicorn's review includes game instructions as it seems the game did not ship with a manual.

Love Love Show! Review by Unicorn

May Club Dating Simulator by Jast USA
Enter the futuristic May Club virtual environment and try to find true love!

May Club Review by Unicorn

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