The Pocket Bishoujo Captures of Lady Phoenix


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Pocket Bishoujo is a cute idea in the tradition of Pokemon. Now, while I don't much like Pokemon, I do like beautiful anime bishoujos (beautiful women). I also feel that posting my Pocket Bishoujo captures also demonstrate that there is much more to the 'bishoujo' genre than sex-oriented games. Now, onto the ladies! I have captured all these girls by myself, answering the questions correctly for each girl to capture her image. It's a nice portrayal of my type of games and anime. Enjoy! And go capture your own Pocket Bishoujo! It's fun. :)

Final Fantasy Bishoujos

Grandia Bishoujos

ChronoTrigger/Cross Bishoujos

Lunar Bishoujos

Suikoden Bishoujos

Parasite Eve/Resident Evil Bishoujos

Saber Marionette J Bishoujos

Neon Genesis Evangelion Bishoujos

Valkyrie Profile Bishoujos

Miscellaneous Bishoujos
Hold Cursor Over Picture To See Origin

Record of Lodoss WarXenogearsRuin Explorers
Harvest Moon: Back To NaturePrincess MononokeBreath of Fire 3
Legend Of ManaRurouni Kenshin OVA