Character Profiles


I have put these character profiles in my own words, with every intent of not giving away any spoilers. Click on any profile pic to see the full-size version.

Minoru Sasazuka
Age 19

The main character, or in other words, you. A romantic and a dreamer. Your head is always up in the clouds, and you really hate when girls fall all over you....that just isn't ROMANTIC! What are these mysterious flashbacks you begin having upon arrival at the mountain? Are you forgetting something...a memory important to everyone?

Honami Sasazuka
Age 18

Your younger sister, Honami, is rather childish in speech and dress. However, there's a sharp cookie under all that cuteness. She's even smarter than you! She is quite envious of the Karasuyama sisters; they don't have a flat chest like her.

Kyoka Karasuyama
Age 19

Kyoka is your childhood friend. She is a total pragmatist, although you can't quite remember if she has always been that way. She gets very jealous and angry if another woman pays you attention, and can be very very bitchy! However, she also has a more emotional, soft side that she lets slip every now and then, betraying that the jealousy covers a very deep love.

Keika Karasuyama
Age 22

Keika is Kyoka's sister, and a total hedonist. She believes that if there's a cute guy around, she needs to get with him as soon as possible! She is constantly teasing and flirting with you, even though she knows you dislike it. Is this flamboyant behavior perhaps covering some inner trauma?

Kasumi Senkawa
Age 28

Kasumi is the Mistress of the ski resort where you and your friends are staying. She is married, but you haven't seen her husband around lately. She is very fond of telling ghost stories to scare the wits out of her guests.

Age ???

Shizuka is the new maid at the ski resort. She is very quiet and shy, and appears to be immediately taken with you upon meeting you. For some reason, you seem to think you know her from somewhere, though you cannot remember where. Does this girl have something to do with the memories that seem to be locked away in your mind?