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Review by Unicorn

Review By Mike Thomas

Detailed Guide To The "True" Fourth Day By Unicorn

Ksarchet's Snow Drop Mini-Review

Snow drop is a fun game with nice graphics. I was a little put out that the only good and best endings to be obtained were with Kyoka or Shizuka. It has a lovely, moving story, with great voice acting. The soundtrack is very touching and emotional. If you are looking for a game where the story is more important than personal choice, this game is for you. You play a hopeless romantic named Minoru, and have to make your choices accordingly. The artwork alone would make this title worth buying. When you add a very moving story, it becomes a must have for Bishoujo game collectors. While I personally would have preferred a little more flexibility, I did enjoy it. I give it a rating of 7 out of 10.