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TRADGULD - the land of locomotives and peaceful countryside.
LANGOUD - the seafaring beach city.
SHARAN - the floating center of commerce.
MYSCATONIA - the land of mystery and wonder.
And DIANOVA, the dark empire bent on taking over the world. A world of magic and swords.

This is the story of Meis Triumph and his journey to save the people from the Dianovan Empire's reign of terror and oppression. Having been raised within a circle of Spirit Blacksmiths, Meis was enjoying his life in Kant, a nature-filled town in Tradguld.

However, Dianova's conquest reached the town of Kant, and the people were forced to evacuate their once-peaceful land. Separated from his family, Meis reaches the town of Boyzby and meets Sodina. From here, the story unfolds...

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Packed with stunning Anime sequences and 12 hours of interactive voice dialog. Unleash the fury of attacks such as the tornado voice and rock geyser. Explore a fully realized 3D world filled with adventure. Go on dates with 9 beautiful women to learn new powers and the ability to create elemental weapons.
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System Requirements:

Playstation 1 or 2 console system

Comes With:

2 Game Discs, Full Color 67-page Manual, Omake(bonus) Memory Card stickers and trading card