Tsuki: Possession Review

Contributed by BigDog

Tsuki ~Possession~

Yosuke's life as a child was not what you would call happy. At least most people wouldn't think so. However, living with a family not even blood-related and people at school and work helping him out, Yosuke feels life is treating him pretty good. “Evil” lies within everyone and Yousuke's dark spirit is about to awaken...

Tsuki is you typical adventure (ADV) type game. You read a novel like story and are presented with different options when a story changing decision comes up. You receive different endings depending on the choices you make throughout the story. Tsuki has 10 different endings to my knowledge.

Sound is my least knowledgeable area. Yet, I believe Tsuki uses MIDI quality themes throughout the game. Not sure if it is MIDI or CD-DA, but most are foreboding tunes that tend to synch with the story well. The music was not distracting so it was a plus in my book.

Tsuki also has voice acting for the female cast members. All the voices were appropriate to me and did not tend to dissuade me from liking the game. Sometimes voice acting can be bad enough I can hardly play the game. You get the option to disable voice acting and music in the properties menu by right clicking the main game screen.

As I have come to expect from Zyx, the graphic quality is top notch, on par with Chain. The still computer graphics (cgs) were excellent and there were 1-2 animated cgs for each character. Zyx doesn’t tend to re-use cg’s often like some other companies do. So most of the cgs are unique when you come across them. Each character has around 15-20 cgs so you have a total of about 90 unique cgs in the game. All the cg graphics in Tsuki are uncensored, including the animations. The animation cgs are typically 5-10second animations and are sprinkled lightly throughout the story.

System Interface:
Tsuki uses what I believe is the standard G-collection interface. You can play the game in windowed or full screen mode. In both you have a message box that covers roughly 15% of the lower portion of the screen. It is semi transparent and you can remove the message box to better view the picture by right clicking the main area and select hide message box. Also the right click menu contains options like: Message skip, Hands Free mode, and a properties area that lets you adjust message speed, sound options, etc. I ran Tsuki in Windows XP Pro with no problems and the installation process was very smooth.

There is a viewed Possessed Characters option at the main menu that allows you to view stand alone cgs, whole scenes including dialogue, or listen to music. This option is available even before you beat the game once.

Final Comments:
“Warning this section is my opinion and may contain VERY MINOR spoilers”

Tsuki is a very dark game that deals heavily in domination and rape themes. The main character is constantly battling with his “darker” self throughout the game. Each female character in the game has a “good” and a “bad” ending. But no matter what ending you get, Yosuke still succumbs to his dark side numerous times throughout the game. So EVERY storyline contains rape elements, even if you try to avoid them. He does feel remorse at certain points throughout the story, so he is not all bad. So this is not a game for everyone, you have to be able to deal with rape elements to enjoy this game.

My Opinion:
I found the story of Tsuki to be a little light in areas. I would have liked to know more about Yosuke’s past and to develop the beginning relations with the females more. You seemed to just jump into raping them and I found this quite sudden. This left me wondering why he suddenly started raping women. Also they threw in the ability of Yosuke to be able to occasionally read females minds when he touched them. This seemed just thrown in and was never really developed or explained. I found both of these to be major storyline flaws that detracted from the game quite a bit.

In the end though I am pleased with my purchase. The graphic quality is top notch, there are numerous erotic situations that are not all rape. Quite a few of the sexual situations are not rape but Yosuke talking the female into doing something extreme, such as a blowjob in a public restaurant, etc. Also you do get a decent amount of choices to try and curb Yosuke’s “dark” side.


Hope this helps you to determine whether Tsuki is for you!
Thanks for reading