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EVE: Burst Error Review

Contributed by Ho Chung Yin

EVE: Burst Error

Eve Burst Error is a multi-sight game. This means that you actually play the game through the eyes of more than one character. Although the game is the same, the way each character views the events differs.

The two main characters in this story are Kojiroh Amagi and Marina Hojo. Kojiroh is a down-on-his-luck private investigator, whose office is in a rundown warehouse down by the docks. Part of his problem is probably because no sane person goes near his "office." Kojiroh used to work for a large detective agency whose Chief trained him personally. Kojiroh, however, was forced to arrest the Chief because of a scandal. Kojiroh then left the agency, and ownership of the agency shifted to the owner's daughter, Yayoi Katsuragi, who is also his ex-lover.

Marina is a top agent for the Japanese government. She has a ninety-nine percent success rate. She was working in the United States and has now been called back to Japan.

Kojiroh starts the game in his office, hungry, feeling sorry for himself and bemoaning his current state of affairs. Later, he is given a job, finding a missing painting for the wealthy principle of a college funded by the Eldia government. It seems harmless, and he accepts the job, since he needs money for food and rent. The only thing that bothers him is the fact that, once he finds it, he has to report it and that is all. Even if it is in the gutter, he is not to retrieve it.

Marina starts the game by being given the assignment to protect Mayako Mido, the daughter of the Eldia Ambassador to Japan. The only problem is that Mayako does not like the idea, and makes the assignment difficult at every turn. Marina is also troubled, since she wonders why Eldia would ask the Japanese government for help with security.

That is the basis of the story for both characters. However, they will cross paths at times as the story deepens and you learn what these seemingly unrelated assignments have to do with each other.


This is a typical Japanese adventure game. The character popup, and the dialogue box at the bottom of the screen will describe the action and conversations. The game runs on your typical menu system where you select the actions, such THINK, LOOK, TALK and so forth. Sometimes you are required to do some of these commands a few times to further the story.

Now this game is a multi-sight game. What does this mean? Each character you play will affect the other character. To further the story, the events of one character's scenario will trigger further events in the other character's scenario. While playing Marina's scenario, you are waiting for Mayako to finish school. You cannot advance the story until you play Kojiroh and visit the school around the same time. This triggers an event for both scenarios.

This system does mean you have to play both scenarios back and forth in order to continue the game. If you read carefully, it is not hard at all. There is only one "hard" part, and that is the computer hacking scene. Many people had problems here, but I didn't find it hard. Just read the text carefully.

The game has speech throughout the game. The character that you play does not have speech, however, if you meet the other character during the game, that character will be voiced. So, if you play Kojiroh, you will not hear a voice from him; it will all be text only. But when you meet Kojiroh while playing Marina, you will hear a voice for Kojiroh. I find this really interesting.

I only have one complaint about this game. It is the translation. The problem is quite simple--it has too many bad American jokes for my liking. To be more precise, all the Bill Clinton jokes. One or two is okay, I guess, but it is done to death, and it spoils the mood of the game. There are various jokes here and there, but the Clinton jokes are too silly, since period-specific jokes just do not last and only are funny if you know the events.

The PC version does not have any H-scenes, but the text is not for anyone under the age of eighteen.


The game come with 3 CD's, and it is packed with voices and a video system called "Lucid Motion." It is basically video, but it keeps the colors crisp and smooth like any anime sequence. There are not that many animated sequences, but what little it has are really good.

There is also a technical problem some people might find. During the ending sequence, it sometimes locks the computer. I found that this might be due to the accessing of the CD. If you do not skip the text, it seems smoother, and you should not get the lockup. The best thing to do is save often.