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Soon To Come...

Here are listed the latest games being brought to the English market by Peach Princess, JastUSA, and others. I will also provide tentative release dates where I can. Please keep in mind these are TENTATIVE guesses, NOT fact. So don't complain to me if a game you're waiting for doesn't come out when I think it will. However, I try not to post a game here until it is within 6 months of being released.

Please keep in mind that these pictures/media are used WITH PERMISSION from Peach Princess and Jast USA, as well as others. All copyrights go to their respective owners. You can obtain further information and possibly more downloads from each game's distributor site.


Available Now from Peach Princess and

Bishoujo Maid Fantasy "Little My Maid"

Featuring three beautiful maids...from left to right: Mari, Hina, Mayu.

Download The FLASH Demo Movie
File size: about 1.5 megs
File format: lmm-flash.exe

Download The LMM Playable Demo
File size: about 43.3 megs
File format: lmm_demo.exe

Please do not email me about this demo. It is offered AS-IS. It worked fine for me, it should do so for you. But if it doesn't, I don't know how to fix it.


Coming Soon from Peach Princess

Perspective-Switching Adventure "Doushin: Same Heart"

Three sisters share the same emotions and feelings,as though they were one person.
Interesting scenarios result!
Tentatively Shipping: Q3 2005


More will be put up as their shipping dates grow closer...